Previously we’ve posted a blog on the problems faced by people who visit Guruvayoor. And, we’ve received immense support & love for that blog post. Now,  we’ve received lots of requests to do more reads on our hotel rooms(accommodation in Guruvayoor).

So, in this read, you can get to know more about us & the services we offer for our clients.

Come, let’s get to know each other more!

Krishna Inn is reputed as the best among the Guruvayur hotels. We offer our clients the best hotel room services & all other kinds of facilities.

So, what are our highlights?


Now, you might be thinking about being the leading hotels in Guruvayoor. What’s so big about offering a wide variety of rooms. By the next point, things will be more clear for you.

  • Krishna Inn is not just limited to rooms it’s beyond just rooms & hotel services. Krishna Inn is also the best among the restaurants in Guruvayoor. Our Thulasi vegetarian restaurants are widely famous for offering mouth-watering vegetarian dishes.

Yes, now you might be knowing why we stand on the top among the others. Krishna Inn is not just limited to a single category. Krishna Inn is all about offering a rich experience in making your stay @ Guruvayoor pleasant & cozy in all the possible ways.

  • In most of the cases, people visit Guruvayoor for marriages & for seeking blessing for Guruvayoorappan. In both cases you need proper accommodation, right?

You have now already understood about the services & the rooms we offer. But what if we say we also offer you wedding halls in Guruvayoor?

Yes, we do offer Kalyanamandapam/wedding halls in Guruvayoor to make your big day more special in every possible manner.  

When searching for prime accommodation in Guruvayoor. Without any doubts or double thoughts choose- Krishna Inn (Guruvayoor Hotel) we’re the best you can get in Guruvayoor.

Visit us to know more about us.

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