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    Kozhikode a beautiful city located in the state of Kerala near the Malabar Coast, also known as Calicut has played a relevant roles in Indian history. An important point for eastern spice trade during the Middle Ages, it was fondly called the "City of Spices". Today it is a favourite destination among tourists since it is blessed with lush green nature as well some magical sculpture works. Recently in 2012, the place was tagged as "City of Sculptures" as various sculptures are located in the city.


    Uniquely significant with a history of its own, the monument is considered to have built on remains of shipwreck from a boat which hit the rocks of sea shore. The monument, graceful and nostalgic, reminds people of the accident that took place years ago.

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    Beyore, a small village earlier known by the name of Vaypura by the natives, was also named after Tipu Sultan as "Sultan Pattanam". The village is peaceful, serene and has a history as the village was one of the ports where trading began between Asia and the Middle East. The small village is famous for making of wooden ships.

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    Vasco De Gama set foot to enter India here. The beach is fascinating with a stretch of some length and the sight of a temple on a rock considered around 800 years old .The beach can also be reached through back waters by Korappuzha River.

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    A very ancient beach with many stories to tell and hence certainly has a nostalgic touch to it. For long years have been an important port of trade in India.

    The beach is famous not only for its historical importance but for its natural beauty and also for an aura of solitude. The place if you are looking forward to spend time away from the busy hustle-bustle of city. A favorite spot for viewing sunset. An old lighthouse and two old crumbling piers, each more than a century old add up to the overall feel. Also there is a Lions Park and Marine Water Aquarium.

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    A glorious place with lush green landscapes providing a picture perfect view. Ideal place for trekking since there are lots of routes for trekking.

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    Ideal beach to take a long walk since it is usually quiet and beautiful with only lush green coconut trees as bay watchers. A big rock in the middle of the sea, further improves the subjective depth of the beach.

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    The Tali Temple built in the 14th century by Swami Thirumulpad is made with a remarkable combination of laterite along with wood. Also, the richness of Kerala architecture makes this temple amazing.

    The temple is famous for its festival celebrated with various intellectual as well as cultural events. It is known as the Revathy Pattathanam, the annual festival of the temple.


    Exploring natural beauty and indulging in adventure, then the place to be is Tusharagiri Falls, one of the most sought after tourist spots among travelers across the world. This fall amidst beautiful surroundings and itself a beauty, has something more, like trekking to offer to the visitors. Another amusement at offer is rafting and there are sanctuaries which wakes up your interest.


    The Dam is located around 50 km from the city of Kozhikode. It is well connected by buses from the city of Kozhikode.

    The beautiful dam and the scenic reservoir provides an ideal picnic spot with speed boat & row boat rides and an amazing view of the 'Smaraka Thottam' - a garden built in the memory of freedom fighters. There is also a crocodile farm & a bird sanctuary here.


    A place very near to nature and situated around 20 km from the city of Kozhikode with a multitude of birds dwelling in this sanctuary; some of them migratory while others permanent inhabitants. The sanctuary is like heaven for bird watchers. In April maximum number of birds flock here. Buses are frequently available towards here from Kozhikode.


    A houseboat ride is an ideal way to explore the backwaters anywhere and Kozikhode is no exception. Tiny villages, extensive green scape and flourishing banks are sights a float along the stunning backwaters provide.

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    A picturesque dam site with exotic wildlife, providing wonderful trekking and rock climbing opportunities. There is also the koorakuzhi waterfall and a refreshing and rejuvenating atmosphere. The best time to visit here is between November and April.

    Kakkayam is around 55 km from the city of Kozhikode.

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