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  • IDUKKI ARCH DAMOpen or Close

    Two hills named Kuravan and kurathi meaning a male tribal and his wife, a water flow in between this and when Mr. Thomas Edattu on his way to Malankara Estate led by one Shri Kolumban a leader of a particular tribal race saw this he felt the possibility of a dam. This happened in 1922. Ten years later WJ John of Malankara estate submitted a report on the possibility of building a dam to the Government of Travancore. The world's second and Asia's first arch dam, constructed across the Kuravan and Kurathi hills is 550 ft. high and 650 ft. wide, lying close to the Cheruthoni barrage with Kulamavu Dam to its west and Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary located close by.


    A sanctuary that extends over 77 and 450-748 m. above sea level has to be spectacular. The enchanting sanctuary is rich in flora and fauna. Elephants, Tigers, samba, poisonous and non-poisonous snakes and varieties of birds can be seen.

  • HILL VIEW PARKOpen or Close

    Enthralling panoramic view of a large area, Scenes of Wild elephants in their natural habitat this park situated adjacent to both Idukki Arch Dam and Cheruthony Dam with an area of 8 acres of land is an aesthetically designed park with a natural water body at the hill top and pedal boating facility available makes Idukki visit one that you will cherish forever. The herbal garden and children's play area further add up to the attraction.

  • NADUKANIOpen or Close

    A view point which is near another interesting place moolamattom underground power station is full of meadows and rocks and have a two storied pavilion offering a wide scape view of the rich natural beauty.


    A picnic spot which makes you feel relaxed almost to the point of feeling like meditating. Watching the sun set here is an experience that lingers in your mind forever. The beautiful place is located 35 km away from Thodupuzha.

  • KULAMAVUOpen or Close

    Kulamavu is famed for its dam being part of the Idukki Hydro Electric Project. Boating in the artificial lake at the dam is a joy. Various species of birds are a feature of this area. Since at lower of high ranges, Kulamavu has a sublime climate. Rubber and spice plantations flourish here.

  • PAINAVUOpen or Close

    Situated at altitude of 3,900 feet above sea level it is a reservoir formed by Idukki Arch Dam and the dams at Cheruthoni and Kulamavu and is splendid to view. Painavu is a magnificence of scenic beauty with its evergreen forests and its trekking path.

    Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary at Kuyilimala and Hill View Park are not far and boats are available from here to commute between Cheruthoni and Kulamavu. In winter and rainy seasons elephants might move on the roads.

  • CHERUTHONIOpen or Close

    Cheruthoni has one of the dam which supports the arch dam the other being at Kulamavu and thus part of Idukki Hydro Electric project. The dam is a 138m tall concrete gravity dam. It is naturally beautiful and provides a scintillating view. Cheruthoni River is a tributary of Periyar River and the dam is built across the Cheruthoni River.


    It is a vast watery expanse with distant blue hills almost touching the skies and very much the heaven on earth or say Gods own country. Climb down the hill and you reach forest, rich in flora and fauna. From atop the view makes you gasp for breath. Elephants do cross the river.

    A perfect location for trekking since the lovely, dark and deep woods are simply an experience.


    Malankara Reservoir is an artificial lake covering an area of 11 km and a magnificence in nature. An idle boat ride and fishing are just perfect for the place. (6 km from Thodupuzha) Located on the Thodupuzha-Moolamattom road, this artificial lake is accessible by road.

  • THOMMANKUTHUOpen or Close

    A scenic waterfall named after a Mr. Thommachen Kuruvinakunnel, who discovered this beautiful waterfall in the jungle in the late 1920s. The waterfall of 7 steps is a cascade and forms a Pool beneath. Thommankuthu is an ideal place for adventure tourism.

  • KEEZHARKUTHUOpen or Close

    "The Rainbow Waterfall" as it is known falls from the height of about 200 feet and is at 1500 meters above sea level. The waterfall originates from a perennial source with a huge rock in its opening and looks alike as if the waterfall is from within that rock. Full of natural beauty all around the waterfall provides fascinating view of nature.

    The place is perfect for adventure lovers, rock climbers, trekkers and many more. It is located about 10 km from Malayinchi. Kaithappara hills famed for medicinal herbs and plants. Tribal peoples atop of the hill allow stay and there are staying facility.

  • PALKULAMEDUOpen or Close

    Palkulamedu is amongst the highest peaks in idukki about1200m above sea level providing fascinating view around. About 13 km from Idukki with refreshing greenery all around It is an ideal destination for adventure makers and trekkers.A cute little fresh water pool atop the hill makes it a mesmerising beauty. .
    (12km from Idukki)Kochi, Alappuzha and other nearby towns can be seen from this peeks which is located 3125 m above sea level.

  • KALVARIMOUNTOpen or Close

    The mountain provides spectacular sights of Idukki Reservoir and villages around. Thumpachi mala is also a nearby attraction. Just 5 KM from Idukki town and in the Idukki Kattappana route, Kalvari mount is a Christian pilgrim centre called Kurisumala.

    (8 km from Idukki)This is famous Pilgrims center on the way to Kattappana.

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