• GURUVAYOOR UPCOMING SPECIAL DAYS: Karkitaka Vavu (23/07/2017), Illamnira (28/07/2017), Thripputhari (26/08/2017)... Open or Close

    Karthika Vavu:

    Karkidakam a month in Malayalam is month of austerity and the great epic Ramayana is read each day of this month. Karkidaka Vavu an auspicious day of this month is observed as the day to remember late ancestors as well the late beloved of our generation. The day and the month if observed in Guruvayur is very holy and divine inviting blessings from the Lord.

     Illamnira :

    Illam Nira at Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple is with regard to agricultural harvest. The unique ceremony is dedicated to Mother Nature for a rich harvest season.
    For Illam Nira, new reaped paddy is brought into the temple and special pujas are performed.

    Thripputhari : 

    Five days after Illam Nira is Thriputhari . A half of the paddy offered by devotees is used to prepare Nivedyam to Lord Krishna with rice and also ‘Puthari payasam.’ The rest half of paddy is distributed among devotees.

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