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    Featured here is the first of the four trails in the northern district of Wayanad as conceived and promoted by Wayanad Tourism Organization (WTO) an organization taking the lead role in fostering a culture of 'responsible and sustainable tourism' in Wayanad.

    Of the four trails, we would like to introduce first the 'Outdoor Trail', which would cover the following locations in the District of Wayanad.

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    A height of 2100 meters is towering and Chembra Peak located near Meppadi in south of Wayanad thus stands tallest of peaks in the region. Climb up the Chembra Peak to bath in scenic vision of nature, as each stage unravels a more fascinating view of Wayanad and it gets larger as one goes up the summit. Going up and coming down the peak would take a full day. Camp at the top and rest assured of a lifelong lingering refreshing experience

    Those who require camping gear may contact the District Tourism Promotion Council, located at Kalpetta in Wayanad.

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    Located to the southeast of Wayanad, Neelimala with a myriad of treks is fascinating for a trekker. Reaching the top is worth the effort as a fantastic view of the valley as well the water fall meenmutty awaits you.


    Near Neelimala is the cascading Meenmutty falls that can be reached through a 2 km trekking route from the main road connecting Ootty and Wayanad. The largest waterfalls in Wayanad, is in three stage dropping from 300 meters.

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    A waterfall that mesmerizes visitors is Chethalayam falls to the north of Wayanad. A cute little waterfall with lots and lots of flocking birds and trekking areas.


    Pakshipathalam, literally means the deepest abode of birds. Brahmagiri hills is about 1700 meters high and full of large blocks of stones, surrounded by dense forest. There are caves in here where wide variety of birds flock and thus the place is known as pakshipathalam. Animals and various species of plants are also found here.

    Pakshipathalam is located near Mananthavady and a visit to the region would require a 7 km trek through the forest, starting from Thirunelli. Visitors to Pakshipathalam need to seek permission from the DFO- North Wayanad.


    The Banasura Saga dam is the largest earth dam in India. The dam is to the south of Wayanad and near Karalad Lake. The reservoir of the dam has formed few islands making it a scenic beauty. Trekking to Banasura peak is another amusement in offering.

    Specialties of Wayanad like spices, coffee, tea, bamboo products, honey and herbal plants are available here.

    Nearest railway station: Calicut Railway Station is 62 km away
    nearest airport: Calicut International Airport is about 65 km away

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