Krishna Inn- Star Hotel in Guruvayur hopes people all around the world are safe and are having a great time with their families. 

The lockdown has been extended in India till 17th May.

Yes, we all will have to stay at home till 17th May. But, not to worry the Government has now lifted many of the restrictions. 

However, there is one thing that we need to keep in mind and it’s “never take these leverages for granted” it’s COVID-19 and we are still on a fight against the same.   

And, coming to our state- Kerala. The situations are getting normal and the no. of positive cases is getting reduced. 

The no. of active cases drop to 34  (as per the update on 4th May 2020).

No new cases reported. 

Kerala so far (as per the update on 4th May 2020)

  • Total of 499 COVID-19 cases
  • 462 recoveries
  • 3 deaths
  • 24,824 people in Kerala remain in observation, with 372 in hospitals. 

The stats show Kerala & Kerala Government are doing a great job & we being responsible citizens we need to support our Government by following the rules & regulations implemented by our Government. 

The very 1st case of COVID-19 was reported on- 30 January

From then on we Keralites were all in a state of terror. But, we Keralites along with our Government fought it bravely. The fight is not over yet we are still on the fight against COVID-19 and we will continue this fight. 

Here’s everything that you need to know about – COVID-19 pandemic in Kerala. Click here to stay updated. 

You can read about the COVID-19 Awareness Message from- Krishna Inn here.

And, coming to us we Krishna Inn, the best star hotel in Guruvayur have been receiving lots of emails from our clients & readers asking when we’ll be operational? We are overwhelmed with your love.

If everything goes well we’ll be operational after 17th May 2020 hopefully. 

And, once we’re operational Krishna Inn- Guruvayur Hotels will start serving you with our rooms & services. 

Till then stay hope, stay strong & fight against COVID-19.

Krishna Inn loves you all.  


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