Winter has come. The season to make strong bonds has arrived. Planning your wedding in Guruvayoor is like icing on the cake. No need to rush in searching for luxury wedding halls in Guruvayur.

We, Krishna Inn are all set to give you the biggest experience you are going to get in your life.

Marriage is considered as a sacred bond that joined two different individuals as one. And marriage day will be the biggest day which you will remember the rest of your life.  So what is stopping you from making it happen from the mother of all holy temples – The Guruvayoor temple right?

There will be a probable question might arise in your mind. Accommodation in Guruvayoor right? That is the biggest constraint now because it is not easy to get a marriage hall and accommodation because due to the rush in Guruvayoor.

But we are here to help you. We will arrange all the requirements for you and your family no matter how much people in it. Being one of the finest marriage halls in Guruvayoor,  It is our responsibility to include all of your family members and provide all the required facilities with pleasure.

Wedding at Guruvayoor Temple

Thousands of weddings held at the Guruvayoor Sree Krishna Temple till yet. In a single day, there will be a hundred plus weddings take place at some special days.

There is a belief that a wedding held at the Guruvayur temple, also referred to as the Vaikunda on Earth, would lead to a long married life. Also, it is believed that the couple would have the blessings of Lord Krishna throughout their lives and they will live happily ever after.

before the wedding, the bride and groom will pray to the Lord inside the temple. Devotees believe that Guruvayurappan will bless them and answer all their sincere prayers. Guruvayur Temple is blessed with the flood of devotees increases every year.

There are people who come and pray Guruvayoor once in every year. They  Pray at the time of ‘deeparadhana’ also leads to success in married life for the lifetime

Why choose Krishna Inn for accommodation in Guruvayoor?

Some people drop their dream to get married in Guruvayoor due to various reason. For some people, accommodation will be the problem and the availability of marriage hall is for some.

So Krishna Inn is coming with a proper solution for your problem. So there will be no hesitation anymore due to the lack of facilities. Krishna Inn offers three-star accommodation in Guruvayoor at an economical rate.

Guruvayur is considered to be the final word of divinity according to Hindu mythology and it is the mother of all sacred places according to south Indians. Guruvayur, also known as “Gurupavanapuri” is the sacred destination for weddings according to a Hindu believer.

So if you are planning for a wedding, there is no place on the earth like the holy Guruvayoor temple. Krishna Inn provides luxury wedding halls in Guruvayur at affordable budgets.

Krishna Inn welcomes you to Guruvayoor. We are the perfect companion for accommodation services in Guruvayoor.

Perform your booking now and enjoy the auspicious occasion of marriage with the divinity of Lord Sree Krishna.

Make this wedding season more special with Krishna Inn
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Make this wedding season more special with Krishna Inn
Here's a read to help you understand how divine it's to get married in the land of Guruvayoorappan. And, also how we Krishna Inn will help you with the accommodation services.
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