Here is a fresh topic- Best vegetarian restaurants in Guruvayoor, Kerala & the problems faced by the vegetarians in Kerala. Wondering why we are being so specific about vegetarians?

Kerala offers diverse food items & restaurants. And, how many of us have noticed that most of them are non-vegetarian? Have doubts about what we’re saying?

Come on, Let’s take an example from our daily lives-

Imagine yourself walking through a city, it can be any city in Kerala.

Okay, now imagine yourself searching for a restaurant nearby, what do you notice?

We bet that you’ve seen “N” numbers of trendy & tempting non-vegetarian restaurants then vegetarian restaurants.

people searching for vegetarian restaurants in guruvayoor, kerala

Yes, that’s a fact that most of us have not taken into consideration or have ignored because non-vegetarian food is the pulse of Kerala (seafood, and a wide variety of non-vegetarian foods).

Still have doubts? Okay !

According to a report from the Times of India, 97% of the population in Kerala are non-vegetarian. Yes, that’s right! 

Now we hope the point is very much clear. So, let’s get to our main point problems faced by vegetarians when searching for a veg restaurant in Kerala.

non vs veg in kerala

Here are the main & common problems-

  • Lack of choice on exclusive vegetarian restaurants- the most common choice one can get is Tamil Brahmin veg restaurants selling the most common food items like Dosas, Idly, Upma.
  • Hard to find authentic North Indian veg-only restaurants in Kerala- North India restaurants offer a wide variety of vegetarian foods. But, Majority of Keralites believe Punjabi cuisine only means “Tandoori Chicken”. And, we intentionally forget about the other vegetarian foods like- Gujarati Thalis, paneer curries, etc.
  • Kerala veg only restaurants are rare- Keralites prefer home cooked food & it’s the reason why authentic Kerala veg restaurants are not being appreciated & promoted by the residents.
  • Mixed environment (same kitchen & same plates)- Hardcore veggies forced to eat food in a mixed atmosphere making it harder for them. Especially for veggies from the North as well as religiously oriented. Since all the veg options come from the same kitchen.
  • Furthermore, in Kerala, there are limited options when it comes to regular meals – typically consisting of rice, two vegetables, a choice of fish curry or fry, and pickles. Moreover, in the vegetarian meal, the fish is removed, and there is no concept of a Thali with more vegetable choices. Therefore, Kerala lacks thali options.

The above listed are the most common problems faced by vegetarian when it comes to searching vegetarian restaurants. We understand this problem & so own the best vegetarian restaurants in Guruvayoor- Thulasi, Krishna INN.

Thulasi vegetarian restaurant– A place where all the vegetarians can visit and also enjoy the best vegetarian foods in town.

Our highlights as a vegetarian restaurant-

The south Indian executive lunch is our specialty & most appreciated by our customers.

Then visit Krishna Inn and explore the wide variety of vegetarian dishes cooked by the best chefs in Kerala, India.

Krishna Inn welcomes you all.


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