Hello guys, we have been getting immense love & support from our readers stating our post have really helped many people to understand the pulse of hotels in Guruvayur. Most of them are pretty much happy with our hotel & the services that we offer them.
Based on the recent post on hotel reservation in Guruvayur we’ve received many queries on how to make hotel reservation @ Krishna Inn.

The process of making a hotel reservation at Krishna INN is very much simple. Here’s how you do it.

Steps to do-

Step #1– Open your web browser in mobile or in the desktop. You can use the browser like UC, Chrome or any browser that’s available in your device.  

Step #2– On the address bar type the URL- www.krishnainn.in. or you can open google and search for Krishna INN

Step #3- Click the BOOK NOW button on the top right corner of your browser.

Step #4– Click “Book Now” tab-

  • You can select the arrival date
  • The no. of nights you’ll spend @ Krishna INN
  • Set the departure date
  • Select the most suitable room type from- (Executive, Premium, Studio, Executive Deluxe)
  • You can see their respective charges.
  • Select the no. of rooms.
  • Click on the submit.
  • Enter the no. of people (adult & children if any)
  • Fill out your details like(name, address, mobile no. etc)
  • Click on the submit button.
  • You’ll be redirected to the payment gateway.

Make the payment you’re good to go. You’ve made the hotel reservation at the best hotel in Guruvayur- Krishna Inn
Looking forward to seeing you at our premises enjoying your stay with our world-class hospitality. Krishna Inn welcomes you to experience the stay @ Krishna INN.


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