Krishna Inn stands as the best hotel in Guruvayur Thrissur & we’ve been lately addressing the problems faced by the people who visit Guruvayur. And, we’ve got a lot of appreciation for all those reads. 

But in today’s read, we’ll share some info about Ekadashi as it is around the corner so we believe it’s our duty to share a read on the same. 

Many of us know what the Ekadashi is all about but as time passes people are so busy that they are not aware of these occasions.

So, for all those who know about Ekadashi, this read will help in cherishing the old memories of your childhood.

And for all those who’re not aware of the Ekadashi, this read will definitely help you to know more about the same. 

So, without due let’s get started with our blog on Ekadashi …

Ekadashi-  is the eleventh lunar day of each of the two lunar phases which occur in the Hindu calendar month.

Ekadashi is also known as “Hari Vasara” as the occasion is dedicated to the Lord Vishnu, the day is celebrated by fasting and prayers. 

The day is considered a spiritual day and is observed by partial fasting.

  • It starts from sunrise on the day of Ekadashi to sunset on the following day.
  • Beans and grains will not be consumed by observant people. 
  • Only fruit, vegetables, and milk products are eaten by the observant people.

The mantras that one should chant on this day- 

  • “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya”– Vishnu mantra chanted on this day. 
  • 108 times- “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare”

As the day is all about praying to Lord Vishnu! 

caparisoned elephants

Guruvayur temple is the best place that one can pay a visit during this Ekadashi. 

So, when does Ekadashi 2019 fall this year?

As mentioned above Ekadashi is around the corner yes it does fall in the month of December. 

The date is – Sunday, 8 December (Date may vary)

So, please don’t waste any time head to Guruvayur temple & make prayers to Guruvayurappan for the well being of you & your family.

People who fast on Ekadashi are considered to get rid of negative planetary influences, experience happiness, and attain peace of mind that helps you in praying to god with an open mind that ultimately helps you in and attaining moksha.

So, pack your bags, make your mindset for Ekadashi take fasting & head towards Guruvayur Temple. 

Don’t worry about your stay! 

Krishna Inn- the best hotel in Guruvayur Thrissur will take care of the same. We can help you with the best rooms near the Guruvayur temple. Our hotel is located in East Nada, Guruvayoor. 

Ekadashi with Krishna Inn

So, pay a visit to Guruvayur temple & stay at the best rooms near Guruvayur temple- Krishna Inn. 

Let’s make this Ekadashi more spiritual with Krishna Inn.
Make your bookings now.

Let’s get to know more about  Ekadashi - Krishna Inn
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Let’s get to know more about Ekadashi - Krishna Inn
Here's a read to help you know more about Ekadashi & why one should consider Guruvayur to celebrate Ekadashi. Also, by the end of this read you'll get to know where you can make your stay at Guruvayur cozy.
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