The October is here! The month is full of many auspicious days & holidays. So, if you’re planning to pay a visit to Guruvayur? We bet this read from Krishna INN-hotels near Guruvayur temple is 100% worth. 

If you’re planning to pay a visit to Guruvayur? We bet this read from Krishna INN-best among hotels near Guruvayur temple is 100% worth. 

Wondering what are those holidays & festivals that we’re talking about?

To explore that you need to continue this read till the end. 

Let’s get started!

Some of the important dates are hereby listed below- 

Now, you know why October is so much loved. 

So, what’re you gonna do with this many no. of festivals & holidays? 

Don’t worry we have a perfect solution for this. Plan a trip to Guruvayur- Bhoolokavaikunta (means heaven on Earth). The Guruvayur is the perfect travel destination by all means. 

Here are some of the points to support our above statement- 

  • One of the top pilgrimage destinations in India
  • The home of the 4th largest temple in India
  • Guruvayur holds the most beautiful and amazing temples in Kerala.
  • Top among the tourism cities in Kerala.

The last but not least the great Guruvayur Temple- the location where you can reach the extreme of spirituality and at the same time will deliver a complete feel of going on a vacation.  

By now, you might have an idea of why Guruvayur can be the ideal location for you to spend these holidays & festive celebrations. 

Now, the second concern that might pop in your mind is where can you get the best among hotels near Guruvayur temple?

We know finding the best or the ideal among the Guruvayur temple is a tough job. But not to worry we’ve posted a read on the same you can click here to read on that. 

Then, if you’re not in a great mood to read you can simply ignore the above-mentioned link & can directly make reservations & Krishna INN- the pioneers among the hotels near Guruvayur temple.

At, Krishna INN we deliver the best rooms & accommodation services. 

You click here to explore in-depth about our rooms here. 

You can make your reservations here- Book Now.

Krishna INN a name that you can rely on.  

Celebrate the month of October with Krishna Inn
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Celebrate the month of October with Krishna Inn
Here's a read from Krishna Inn to understand why one must choose Krishna Inn as your final destination for celebrating the month of October. Read more about our Guruvayur hotels under this blog post. Come explore Krishna Inn at the best.
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