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Hello guys,

The Great Onam festival is over! Hope you had a great time with your family & friends celebrating Onam but the celebration is not over with that. The celebration continues throughout the month. 

Wondering why we said that?

The month of September is like a roller coaster that only goes up. 

Well, here are some of the dominant reasons to support our statement- 

  • You are having more number of off days than a regular month.
  • Students are having their Onam vacations (at least a 7days of leave)
  • The streets of Kerala will remain in festive mode till the end of this month.  
  • The present climate in Kerala. 

The month of September being one of the colorful months of the year. No-one wants to put an end to this whole celebration mood or to waste their time sitting at home. 

But, what if you run out of plans for this month?

Well, not to worry Krishna Inn is here to help you with that. 

Confused? Well, don’t be!

A trip to Guruvayoor is the answer to that. 

Guruvayoor is a land of temples & what better way to celebrate Onam season than to visit Temples seeking blessings. 

Most of the Keralites are unaware of the attractions in Guruvayoor! 

If you ask a person from outside Kerala or India about Guruvayoor. We bet they’ll know more than us. 

Guruvayoor has so many attractions where you can pay a visit in Onam Season & we Krishna Inn- Guruvayur Hotels can be your perfect companion offering you the finest of rooms in Guruvayoor. 

So, let’s explore more with Krishna Inn (Guruvayoor Hotels)!

Here’re some of the attractions in Guruvayoor- 

The above listed are some of the very prominent attractions in Guruvayoor. Guruvayoor attractions cannot be listed out in a single read. One need to personally go & explore Guruvayoor to understand the vibes the Gurvayoor has to offer.

Don’t just sit at home this Onam Season- buckle up & make your room reservations in Krishna Inn (Guruvayur Hotels). Start exploring the great Guruvayoor on your own. 

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