Krishna Inn– rooms near Guruvayoor temple is back with a new read to help you to explore more about the tourist attractions in Guruvayoor. 

The places one should visit In Guruvayur- 

  • Guruvayoor temple
  • Punnathurkotta Elephant Palace
  • Mammiyoor Shiva Temple
  • Institute of Mural Painting
  • Statues of Maraprabhu and Guruyaur Kesavan
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Guruvayoor temple- Guruvayoor temple the astonishing idol of Lord Unnikrishnan Guruvayur is one of the most sacred pilgrim hubs in Kerala, India. 

Punnathurkotta Elephant Palace

Punnathurkotta Elephant Palace- Elephant Camp has located 3 km from the Guruvayur Temple in Punnathur Kotta. 

Elephant Camp- 58 elephants in 11.5 acres of land and is home to the largest number of captive elephants.

Mammiyoor Shiva Temple

Mammiyoor Shiva Temple- Very much famous for its large murals, this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. 

Institute of Mural Painting

Institute of Mural Painting- School of Mural arts promoted by Guruvayur Devaswom. Mural painting in walls, clothes are all taught here. The Temple wall paintings are undertaken by Devaswom. A place that one should visit & experience the for self. 

Statues of Maraprabhu and Guruyaur Kesavan

Statues of Maraprabhu and Guruyaur Kesavan- Located in the gardens of the Sree Valsam Guesthouse. 

Giant & impressive statues of Guruvayoor Kesaven- Elephant King several times during his time, and Maraprabhu- the banyan tree trunk embodiment of Lord Krishna.

The above listed are some of the top attractions & places that you can visit in Guruvayoor.

One can visit Guruvayoor not only for seeking blessings from Guruvayoorappan but also for a leisure trip with your family. 

For family or for solo trip Guruvayoor is the ideal place to explore in Kerala. 

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Places that you can visit in Guruvayoor
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Places that you can visit in Guruvayoor
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