Krishna Inn is the best star hotel in Guruvayur. We’ve been receiving a lot of mails stating that people are very much confused about selecting hotels in Guruvayur.

So, we’ve previously posted a post regarding the pre checks that one should do before selecting a hotel in Guruvayur.

You can read it here.

Here in this read we’ll help you to know why we’re the best among hotels in Guruvayur.

So, let’s get started.

Krishna Inn- the name itself is a brand.

For, all the those of visited Guruvayur we bet that you’ve heard about us. It may sound bragging but it’s something we’ve earned with our years of consistency in making our customers from all around the world  happy.

How we did it?

Well, it’s nothing we follow the basic mantra of business- “Customer Is The King”.

We treat all our customer equally and offer them a king size stay at the most economical terms.

Let’s take a general scenario of a star hotel.

Say for example-

Hotel “X” is the best hotel in Guruvayur and two customers visits hotel at the same time.

The 1st customer is Mr. Y & 2nd customer is Mr. Z

  • Mr. Y books a normal room at that hotel
  • Mr. Z books a luxury suite
    room in the same hotel paying huge amount.

Both of them visit at the same time for making their check in.

It’s very much comman that most of the hotel representatives take care of Mr. Z as her/she has paid the higher amount of money for the room.

But at Krishna Inn we treat both Mr. X & Y at the same time equally so that both of them don’t get the feeling of being left out.

This is just a simple example describing how we stand out  as the best hotel in Guruvayur.

Krishna Inn, the best star hotel in Guruvayur, Thrissur makes sure that we deliver 100% customer satisfaction right from receptionist to the room boy. We always think everything from the customers view point.

Our Highlights-

  • 24/7 room service
  • Quality laundry services
  • Large car parking space
  • Well kept Coffee Shop
  • Digital dialling facility
  • Travel desk
  • Safe deposit locker

You can see everything here.  Come stay with Krishna Inn & experience the luxury we offer.


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May 2023