The celebration that all devotees are eagerly waiting for, the grand Guruvayoor Utsavam on your doorstep. Time has arrived for the celebration. And your accommodation in Guruvayoor is ready from the undisputed #1 hotel near Guruvayoor temple Krishna. We welcome you to one of the greatest cultural festival in Kerala – The Guruvayoor Utsavam

Guruvayoor Utsavam is getting bigger and better each year. The attitude towards this festival by devotees of Krishna is the major reason why this festival is still celebrated in it’s larger than life persona. Krishna Inn is the nearest center who provides accommodation in Guruvayoor so we are having a huge responsibility to add more happiness to everyone by giving you a warm welcome and enjoyable accommodation.

Before that let’s take a look at some of the most important programs that are taking place during Guruvayoor Utsavam.

Guruvayur Anayottam

The largest land mammal on the planet Earth is not known for its speed. But Wisdom, adaptability and strength are the greatest powers on earth and that is going to prove here on the stage of Guruvayur Anayottam. Visit the famous Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple in Thrissur, where these elephants participate in the amazing Guruvayur Anayottam (elephant race). The beauty lies on the 12,000 pounds run face to face to mark the beginning of the annual Guruvayur Festival, held in the month of Kumbham every year. The winner can wear the Thidambu (the replica of the Guruvayoorappan idol) on all special occasions for a year. So it is a prestigious competition for both devotees as well as elephants.  

Utsava Bali

According to the belief, the spirits (Bootha Ganangal) associated with the presiding deity are summoned to the temple playing a traditional musical instrument called “Pani”, and then the “Bali” is executed to please the spirits.

The devotees offered special prayers in the “Utsava Bali” for almost an hour, while the “Thidambu” of the deity was taken to the “mandapam Pazhukka” among the rites of the “Bali”. The people who were associated with the rites were fasting from dawn to dusk without even drinking water. This makes Utsava Bali more special.


The Pallivetta ritual, as part of the annual 10-day festival at the Sree Krishna Temple, Guruvayur, will be held with traditional joy. Thousands of devotees participated in the Ulsavabali led by the Hindu priest on the temple.

As part of the Pallivetta ritual, the thanka Thidambu of the deity will be taken from the temple at night in procession to the city (Pradakshinam grass). 

Sreebhoothabali will be held after that and the golden idol will remain in the Swarna Pazhukka mandapam for darshan.

A large number of devotees will participate in Pallivetta dressed as birds and animals. There will also be hundreds of Krishnanattam artists wearing the soldier’s attire. 

The procession will circulate through the temple pond, followed by “hunting cruel animals.” Pallivetta will come to an end with the completion of nine rounds of the procession around the temple. Later, the Palli Urakkam of the Lord will be held in the specially organized Palliyara Namaskara mandapam.


Arattu is the Holy Bath which is part of the rituals of the festivals of most of the main temples of Kerala, India. In this ritual, the priest takes the form of the deity with him and bathes in holy water. This takes place mainly at the end of the Temple Festival.

To know more about the 2020 Guruvayoor Utsavam you can download the brochure here-

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