Krishna Inn- accommodation near Guruvayur temple is back with a read to help you guys spend some quality time at Guruvayoor during this Christmas vacation.

Also, this read will assist you in understanding why one should consider the Guruvayoor temple for offering prayers this winter season.

Yet again holidays are coming. Christmas holidays this time. The world is celebrating this occasion and this is the best time to make a visit to Guruvayur for you with your family.

And we being one of the leading hotels in Guruvayoor believe it’s our responsibility to provide the best rooms in Guruvayoor in the most convenient and comfortable way.

Hi all, we hope you are doing well. We hope you are filling your mind with spirituality in this Sabarimala season.

But as you know due to some limitations over there you can’t make a visit and perform your prayers with your family as you can do in other temples pilgrimage places. But don’t worry.

Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple– dedicated to Guruvayurappan is expecting you this time. Maybe this is the most important pilgrimage place in Kerala to show your devotion without caring about rules and regulations that exist even inside the temple.

Guruvayoor- is the holy abode of Lord Vishnu on earth. That’s why Guruvayur is so special for every believer.

There are various reasons why people consider Lord Sri Krishna a stand out phenomenon. Here are some reasons.

Miracles of Lord Krishna-

  • 7-year-old Lord Krishna lifted a mountain (26 miles perimeter) and held it on his little finger for 7 consecutive days. Witness to tens of thousands of people who were standing under the mountain.
  • Lord Krishna expanded his body to 16,108 ways. Which means he doubled his body into 16,108 identical bodies.
  • Bhagwan Krishna was transformed into others. This means that it can be done like any other.
  • Lord Krishna showed in his mouth, the entire Universe.
  • Sri Krishna offers Arjuna a divine vision that revealed his spectacular form as a cosmic universe. In which Arjuna could see the various forms of Bhagwan Krishna and unlimited planets while sitting in one place.
  • Lord Krishna killed all the evil kings who tormented and harassed the public. People were saved in the same life and did not have to wait for Judgment Day.
  • When a real woman, Draupadi was stripped in a court of kings, she called Bhagwan Krishna to help her and he divinely covered her with an unlimited sari and, therefore, could not be undressed.
  • Bhagwan Krishna easily defeated everyone who tried to kill him also blessed them with moksha, liberation. Krishna is very merciful. Bhagwan Krishna was always liberal with everyone. One does not need to wait for judgment day.

Once Asuri Putna who intended to breastfeed tried to kill him, but Bhagwan Krishna gave him his divine liberations.

  • Krishna brought many dead people to life, including the six sons of Devaki.
  • Lord Krishna healed sick people, including the transformation of a humpbacked woman into a very beautiful woman in exchange for offering sandalwood pulp to the Bhagwan.

So your life will be incomplete without offering prayers in front of Lord Sri Krishna.

We at Krishna Inn help you in offering the best accommodation near Guruvayur temple such a way how you demand.

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This is the golden time because now everyone in your family is going to get some good times due to this Christmas holiday. So book now and ensure in the cosiest and unmatchable experience at Krishna Inn which is less than 10 minutes’ walking distance. 

The best feedback that we are getting from the people who choose Krishna Inn is our confidence. Once you choose us, we will be at the top of your all-time choices. 

Get the best accommodation in Guruvayoor @ Krishna Inn.

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