Being one of the most reputed hotels in Thrissur. We always do a market study to analyze where we stand in the market & how we can help people to make their stay at Guruvayoor pleasant. And, according to our recent study, people who visit Guruvayoor are not happy with their accommodation in Guruvayoor. And also most of them are complaining that they are not able to get the best hotel rooms in Guruvayur near Guruvayoor Temple. So, here is a read that will help you understand why you’re facing this problem and provide you with the most appropriate solution for this.  


Guruvayoor (ഗുരുവായൂര്‍) also written as Guruvayoor is is a prominent pilgrimage town in the southwest Indian state of Kerala. There are many beautiful and blissful attractions in Guruvayoor.

But among them, Guruvayoor Temple stands at the top.

People visit Guruvayoor Temple to express their love for God & thus aiming a complete inner peace. People from all over the world come & stay in Guruvayoor to get a glimpse of Lord Guruvayoorappan.

Guruvayoor Temple is always crowded with people not only Keralites but all people from around the globe.

Now, coming to our topics-  

1) Why rooms near Guruvayoor Temple are so full all the time?

2) Where can you get the best accommodation in Guruvayoor?

  • Starting from our 1st topic- Availability of rooms near Guruvayoor Temple.

Guruvayoor Temple is why the rooms near Guruvayoor Temple is always booked or are full.  Because there is no such particular season for a person to visit Guruvayoor Temple.

People love to visit the temple time over time as they find it very much peaceful & feel energized every time they visit the temple.

So, when the number of visitors increases, the rooms are occupied at a very fast rate.

Here’s a suggestion before you plan a visit to Guruvayoor-

Never forget to book your rooms before you leave your house.

Now, the thought that will rush into your mind is –

What if the booking option is not available? Well, we’ve got you covered with that also in our next topic.

  • 2nd Topic-  Rooms near Guruvayoor Temple?

Well, as we mentioned earlier the rooms are always equipped in Guruvayoor.  But, at Krishna INN you’ll get the best rooms/ accommodation in Guruvayoor at the most affordable prices. What if the rooms run out!

Well, don’t worry about that we’ve got plenty of rooms. Krishna Inn welcomes everyone to have cozy stay at Guruvayoor.  

From now on, don’t worry about rooms in Guruvayoor!

Krishna Inn offers you the best accommodation in Guruvayoor with the finest of amenities & world-class room services.

Here at Krishna Inn, you can book rooms at any time.

We offer the prime Guruvayoor hotel booking experience.

You can make a booking through the following means-

  • Through us- Book Now
  • You can also book through other online platforms like- makemytrip, trivago, goibibo etc.

Select your mode of booking and come stay at the most reputed hotel rooms in Guruvayoor. Krishna Inn is waiting for you with the best hotel rooms in Guruvayur. Hurry up! Book yours now.


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