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Janmashtami’s history goes back more than five thousand years ago. The authenticity of the origin of most Hindu religious festivals is difficult to establish historically and its origin dates back mainly to the sacred writings. It is the same with Janmashtami, whose origin has its roots in the legendary story of the birth of Sri Krishna. In the midnight of Ashtami (8th day of Krishna paksha) in the month Shravana (July-August) Lord Krishna was born. He got the name Sri Krishna, and his story is recorded in Bhagavatam.

Sri Krishna, the Son of King Vasudev and Devaki was born to rid the world of the wicked. He was raised in secrecy by the Yadava chiefs Nanda and Yashoda (cowherds), to whom he was given because his uncle Kamsa viewed him as an enemy and intended to get rid of him by killing him. The fear of Kamsa, who was murdering all the sons of Devki and Vasudev, is thought to be the reason why Lord Krishna was transported to Gokul at midnight. So for this reason, Gokul also holds an important place for the celebration of Janmashtami.

How to celebrate Janmashtami from Guruvayoor Krishna Temple

This auspicious day is called Janmashtami, people celebrate his birth by singing songs, Bhajans, and play Krishna Leela. In Mathura and Vrindavan, the celebrations of Krishna Janmashtami are very grand. Lord Krishna is said to be the powerful incarnations of Lord Vishnu who came to earth to end the rule of injustice. In North India, breaking of Dahi Handi is very popular. On Krishna Jayanthi, children in the house are dresses as little Krishna who steals butter with his friends. An elaborate puja is done in temples and households to Lord Krishna late in the evening. On Janmashtami day, the people prepare nourishments that are favorites of Lord Krishna and are given as Nivedhyam. Guruvayoor temple is arranging special Pooja at the day of Janmashtami and the Guruvayoor Shiva Krishna Bhakta Seva Sangam is conducting certain programs on this day. You can take part in certain programs such as: 

Taking part in Guruvayoor Temple Festivals

This is the sacred way of celebrating Janmashtami. So, one of the predominant and most widespread aspects of celebrating Janmashtami is fasting. To start your day of celebration, start fasting at dawn and avoid eating until midnight.

Among most Hindus, it is generally accept that young people (7 years old or younger) or people who are suffering from sickness can stay as an exception. Many Hindus also allow the consumption of water, fruits, and milk throughout the fast, while meat, and grains are strictly prohibit during the fast of Janmashtami.

Decorate the temple with flowers

The temple will elaborately decorate on Janmashtami. Help decorate the temple to participate in the religious and festive elements of the party. If you do not normally attend temple services, you may want to call ahead and inform them that you would like to come and participate in the Janmashtami festivities in Guruvayoor temple. They will be very happy to have you. During Janmashtami, flower garlands are the most common decorations. Any colorful variety of flowers will work.

 Get Involve in the group songs and devotional songs chanting.

Singing kirtan, or songs of devotion, glorification or praise, is another important element of the Janmashtami celebrations that take place in most temples. Sing songs or repeat songs that praise Krishna in a group with other celebrants. And an example of a song you could do would be the Hare Krishna mantra. Participating in kirtan in a group is a very good way to build a sense of community with the people around you and, therefore, is a very important part of Janmashtami celebrations in many temples.

Setting up Krishna idol with other devotees

In the ablution ceremony, the deity is a bath in various auspicious liquids. Although there is no specific material that you should use to dress the Krishna idol, the clothes themselves should be colorful mainly with yellow-being the favorite color of Lord Krishna.

Janmashtami @ the Bes6t Hotels Near Guruvayur Temple

Krishna Inn, with its numerous accommodation facilities, is the most convenient and comfortable place to celebrate Janmashtami this year with your friends and family. If you are coming to Guruvayoor temple to celebrate the most auspicious Janmashtami day, there is no other better option for you than Krishna Inn, the best among hotels near Guruvayur temple is just meters away from the Temple in the name of Lord Krishna, amazing like him. We prepare traditional meals to have and offer to Lord Krishna. At midnight, the time of Krishna’s birth, devotees can break their fast and share traditional meals with each other. And on Janmashtami day, we arrange special poojas for Devotees which makes Krishna Inn a holy place to celebrate Janmashtami. We KrishnaINN welcome all devotees on this spiritual day to our place.


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