Hello guys, previously in our reads we’ve posted about Nalambala Darshanam & we hope that you & your family had a great time during the pilgrimage. Today in this read we are gonna share some of the common queries & problems that people face when looking for the best hotel in Guruvayur Thrissur.

Let’s get started with the topic- Problems faced by people when they are searching for the best hotel in Guruvayur Thrissur.

  1. Too much expensive. 
  2. Food quality is below average. 
  3. People don’t get what they are promised when they book hotels rooms. They are not satisfied with the hotel‘s offers.
  4. The rooms are not what it looks like on the websites. 
  5. No much of a difference with the normal hotel rooms & luxury rooms in Guruvayur.
  6. The service that the hotel officials are offering is not at all pleasing.
  7. There is no good view from the hotels.
  8. Parking space is very less.

Now. you might be wondering from where we got this stats. So, Krishna Inn is not like any other hotel in Guruvayur. We, Krishna Inn work hard in collecting stats about how happy people are with their stay in Guruvayur. 

We not only take feedback about our hotels we do it on a large scale coving each & every hotel. You might be thinking we do this for understanding the flaws in other hotels in Guruvayur. 

But No!

So, why we collect information?

Our only aim is to ensure that the people visiting Guruvayur have a pleasant stay. No matter where you stay but we wish that you get the best stay in the town. 

We Krishna Inn is renowned for the world-class rooms & services in Guruvayur. So, Krishna Inn is not just like any other luxury hotels in Guruvayur. We make sure that you get all kinds of luxury at the most affordable prices. 

Sounds too much bragging?

We are very sorry we made you feel you feel that way. But, No! We don’t have to brag or make any other hotels in Guruvayor look bad. 

The rooms in Krishna Inn is recognized as the epitome of luxury and comfort. 

Krishna Inn has been the pioneers among the other luxury hotels in Guruvayur for over a decade. And, we continue to be #1 by delivering the best for our customers. 

How we can be the answer to your search? (in context with the above queries & problems)

  • Highly cost-effective rooms
  • Offers you the best veg cuisine in Guruvayoor
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • The rooms look even better than they appear on the websites. Come see for yourself. 
  • We’ve dedicated rooms for each kind of packages & we assure you that you’ll feel the luxury. 
  • We take care of our clients/customers to the core. 24/7 room service facility is available.
  • We owe the best rooms near Guruvayur temple & what better view than the great Guruvayur temple.  
  • Ample parking space is available. 

Here are some of our reads about the highlights of our rooms- 

We are not asking you to make book reservations only at Krishna Inn.  But we are simply requesting you consider us as a choice instead of blindly booking rooms at some random hotel & then regretting. 

Book your rooms here- Room Booking Online

Come join hands with Krishna Inn & let’s make memories with Krishna Inn , the best hotel in Guruvayur Thrissur.

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